Need more information about Youth Leadership?

LSS - Educating Members
LSS - Educating Members
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Who is eligible to apply?

All rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who live in or go to school in Sandy Springs are encouraged to apply to YLSS.  

How do I apply?

Click HERE to access our easy online application.  

How much time does this take and when do we meet?

The YLSS class year consists of an evening Kick-Off and nine program days: six days during school hours and three on the weekend.  As part of the application process, you will need to get permission from your school principal and parents to miss school.  To avoid students missing the same class each month, we vary the days of the week we meet. You will get a calendar of all our meeting days and times at Kick-Off.  We try to end each program day so that you are back at school for afternoon activities and transportation home. our content goes here. 

Is there an attendance policy?

YLSS is a very selective program; only 40 or so of the thousands of eligible Sandy Springs students are selected every year.  Successful completion of the program affords graduates the honor of including YLSS on their resume, and of wearing a unique YLSS graduation cord at their Commencement ceremony.  The time commitment to participate in YLSS is to be taken seriously and attendance at programs is mandatory.  If you find it necessary to miss a program day, you will be expected to make it up, and make-up opportunities will be provided.  Participants who miss three or more program days without proof of make-up will not be considered graduates of YLSS.

Is there a dress code?

You will be instructed as to the attire for each program day. On days that we meet with business and civic leaders, you’ll be asked to dress business casual.  We dress up for Interview Day, and Jeans, shorts and t-shirts are appropriate for outdoor and leadership workshop days.

What is the cost to participate?

YLSS is a tuition-based program and costs $700 per student. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available. Contact the director at for more information. Please do not let cost deter you from applying. 

What’s the deal with transportation?

 Students must provide their own transportation to/from program days. Carpooling is encouraged.  If a program is not occurring in Sandy Springs, or requires moving from location to another, we will meet at a central location in Sandy Springs and take a chartered bus to the program.