Nominations are accepted from community organizations, businesses, and alumni. Interested individuals may apply in January 2024.

LSS - Educating Members

Our Ideal Candidate

Class members for the nine-month program are chosen based on criteria relating to:

  • prior leadership and service in the community,
  • potential to contribute,
  • diversity, and
  • desire to be involved.

Our ideal candidate also demonstrates:

  • a desire to strengthen his/her leadership skill set
  • a willingness to learn new approaches to interconnectivity (from interaction with individuals who may differ in personal or leadership style to functioning within organizations in possibly complex situations), and
  • a commitment to engage in the community after the class ends.

Our goal is to choose a diverse and inclusive class that represents different backgrounds in the Perimeter area, across various industries, organizations, cultures, ages, genders, etc. in order to enrich and balance our class. Classes are intentionally kept small with 40 participants to encourage relationship building and provide individualized mentoring.


Leadership Perimeter is tuition-based. The cost to participate in the adult class is $3,500. This non-refundable fee covers the program and administrative expenses.  A $1000 deposit is required at time of acceptance. Employers or civic organizations will often sponsor all or part of a participant’s tuition. A limited number of need-based partial scholarships may be available through the LP Board of Trustees. If you have questions, please email

Adult Program class tuition can be paid by check or credit card (with processing fees).

Apply for Class of 2025

Applications will be available in January 2024. A resume must also be submitted. Thank you for your interest!

Nominate for Class of 2025

Alumni are encourage to nominate people from within their networks whom they believe to be excellent candidates for our program.  This nomination is very helpful in the selection process.

Adult Program Calendar 2023 – 2024

Opening Retreat is Sept. 22-23 and mandatory without exception. 

Program Days Thursdays 8:00am – 5:00pm

  • Oct. 19
  • Nov 16
  • Dec 7
  • Jan 25
  • Feb 15
  • Mar 14
  • April 11
  • May 2

Evening Programs Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm

  • Sept 7
  • Nov 9
  • Jan 18
  • Feb 29
  • May 9 Commencement

Community Impact Day 7:30am – 1:00pm

  • April 20 (Saturday)