YLSS takes you behind the scenes for an insider’s view of our community and demonstrates what it means to be a leader.

What kind of leader would you like to become?

We explore and develop your leadership skills

We explore Sandy Springs through six interactive week-day programs and develop your leadership skills in three weekend workshops.  The program opens with a Kick-Off evening and concludes with a Closing Retreat on a Sunday afternoon.  Open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, we vary meeting times to keep students from missing the same classes each month.  Students must have their own transportation to and from each program day.

In YLSS you can:

  •  Explore Sandy Springs and learn how to be civically engaged
  •  Network with a group of diverse students from high schools across the city
  •  Discover what it takes to build a thriving community by speaking with business, human services and civic leaders
  • Learn the skills that will allow you to reach your leadership potential
  • Meet at City Springs to get a close-up look at city government.
  • Grab cell phones for a scavenger hunt discovering rarely-explored places in Sandy Springs.
  • Meet with the police, fire department, and safety professionals to learn how Sandy Springs is kept safe.
  • Observe a court room in action and go behind the scenes at the county jail.
  • Crawl on the floor with preschoolers, stock a food bank or do crafts with senior citizens for a look at the nonprofits that serve others in our community.
  • Visit small and large companies to learn how businesses drive the economy.
  • Investigate environmental issues along the Chattahoochee River.
  • Develop leadership skills through communication and personal styles workshops.
  • Figure out what kind of leader you are and will become.